This proposal is orientated toward the development of an English speaking school from the start. The goal is for students to be bilingual by the end of Primary School and for students to communicate fluently either in English or Spanish. Finally, a third language will be incorporated into the Basic Secondary Education. These languages will be used for instruction and will open the doors to a new world of innovative vision and possibility.

We will offer official national programmes combined with the International Baccalaureate programme, in addition to offering other international certifications (First, BEC, etc.)


Sports and physical education are an important part of a complete high quality education system. As individuals, sports help to improve our personal abilities, our health in general and our self awareness.

Sports and physical education teach essential values and abilities such as self esteem, team work, communication, discipline, respect and sportsmanship.

Sport is a universal language, it can be a powerful tool to stimulate peace, tolerance and understanding.


Arts are very important in education since they foster the development of the creative expression that is unique in everyone.

Arts are a determinant factor in a student's ability to adapt, sense and intellectually process his own thoughts and feelings in relation to the wider environment. When creativity, expression and aesthetic appreciation are taught, these elements can integrate into a student's personality and can lead to creative solutions in normal life.


The use of state-of-the-art information and communication technologies (CITs) leads to changes that involve every sphere of human activity. Their effects are seen in labouring and in the educational world.

CITs have provided society with a new paradigm - the interconnected society. With this new paradigm new problems and scenarios are encountered. Education becomes a central tool for the development of skills that will enable students and society as a whole to meet these new challenges.

The teaching of CITs will better prepare students for the specific needs this new paradigm requires.