An innovative project for Luján

New Zealand has one of the leading educational systems in the world. Its schools and colleges are widely recognised for the high rate of students progressing to succeed in tertiary education.

The New Zealand Pacific School seeks to adapt New Zealand's innovative educational syllabus, with its emphasis on new technologies, communication and modern educational models, to fit the Argentine environment. The end result will be an enriched syllabus that draws from the best of both Argentine and New Zealand educational systems.

We will work on agreements with other institutions that provide for orientation of academic assistance for teachers' training and exchange among students.


Non religious education: Optional religious education.

Bicultural: Argentina - New Zealand.

Trilingual: Spanish / English and a third language of Chinese, Portuguese or French.

The mission of the New Zealand School is to provide pupils with a solid grounding in academics, social awareness and the capability of integrating into the cultures of both Argentina and New Zealand.
These objectives will be carried out in a demanding trilingual syllabus with the knowledge that language is the key to understanding culture.